REACH Services

1. What do we do?

We assess the safety of chemicals and consumer products for our clients.

We help our clients comply with the requirements of different regulations (such as REACH regulation, EU Cosmetic Regulation, EU Biocidal Product Regulation, EU Classification and Labelling Regulation & GHS) in different countries, so that their products can be marketed/launched in time.

We also help defend the chemicals and consumer products of our clients from challenges/scrutiny from regulatory authorities.

2. Different domains or industries in the EU and US where we provide our services

  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Cosmetic and personal care products
  • Household cleaning products
  • Consultants in the chemical/consumer product safety and regulatory affair area

3. Services we can provide to our clients

Chemical manufacturers

Services related to chemical safety:

  • Toxicology data search and analysis
  • Human and environmental exposure assessment
  • Data gap identification and development of read-across strategy (including QSAR predictions)
  • Detailed assessment of toxicological endpoints

Services related to regulatory compliance:

  • Development of robust study summaries
  • Development of IUCLID5 registration dossiers, including chemicals safety assessment (CSA) and chemical safety report (CSR) preparation
  • Evaluation/Review of IUCLID dossiers
  • Assistance on authorisation dossier
  • Regulatory framework monitoring and alerts for different geographies
  • Study/Protocol evaluation for regulatory compliance
  • CLP notification dossier

FMCG Clients

Services related to chemical safety:

  • Profiling of chemicals used in consumer products (including cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning products)
  • Development of toxicological profiles for ingredients of the consumer products
  • Toxicology data search and analysis
  • Human and environmental exposure assessment

Services related to regulatory compliance:

  • Product safety dossiers for consumer products (cosmetic and household products)
  • Cosmetic safety assessment reports
  • Assessment of regulatory needs for home/personal care products
  • Product tox monographs
  • Regulatory framework monitoring and alerts for different geographies

4. Our strength areas in the above domains in terms of our experience

We are very good:

  • Profiling of chemicals in terms of hazard to human/animal health and impact to the environment
  • Finding out gaps in a standard set of data requirements and ability to plug the data gaps through a mix of strategies
  • Predict or synthesize required data through prediction tools and software
  • Develop dossiers or files required for submission for product launch
  • Assessment of safety of chemicals or consumer products
  • Literature search and analysis

5. Our key value proposition in general

  • Certified, Adequately qualified and Trained team members
  • Multifunctional expertise
  • Highly competitive cost
  • Experimental as well as consultancy capability

6. Whom do we cater to?

We cater to key regulatory and safety people/divisions of our clients such as:

  • Regulatory compliance/affairs
  • Product safety/stewardship
  • Health, safety & environment
  • Technical advisory services
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Quality assurance
  • Chemical/Material sourcing